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Cindy Sheridan Murphy 

A letter from me to you ,


If you are here, chances are you’re on the cancer journey. Living A New Day (L.A.N.D.) has been designed to help YOU feel like the best version of yourself and live a more purposeful life after your cancer diagnosis. It is based on the premise that life after cancer is not only different, but an opportunity for a journey of personal growth and empowerment that survivors can embark with the help of each other.  

The lessons and discussion can act as a road map to help deal with the unknown and the what ifs of life with, during and after a cancer diagnosis. Together, we will encourage you to create a new norm for living when you are feeling “just not the same”

With Love & Gratitude,


Welcome to L.A.N.D. online 

8 weeks 

L.A.N.D. Living a New Day


  •  Week 1:  Getting to know your guidebook and identifying goals for this workshop

  • Week 2:  Nourishing your Body/Mind/Spirit  learning strategies for coping and relaxing your body.

  • Week 3:  Vulnerability aspect to surviving 

  • Week 4:  Values & transforming daily routines into joyful rituals

  • Week 5:  – How to respond to the question of “WHY?” 

  • Week 6:  The best thing that ever happened to me, Really? 

  • Week 7:  Humor

  • Week 8:  Letter to Self

Along with plenty of Motivation & Humor ...L.A.N.D. is a guided program designed to help you tap into what makes you happy and to start feeling like you again.

As part of the Land Experience you will receive ...


  • Life time access to all Each Moment We're Alive programs

  • Work book & Action Guide

  • Ebook

  • 10 steps to nourish yourself thrive ebook link

  • Access to the  Each Moment We're Alives community referred to as "Circle of Angels"  private Facebook group

  • ***BONUS*** Laughter is the BREAST medicine book by Eileen A. Kaplan

Final Words from Cindy - Why not start .... 

I remember the day I heard those words "you've got cancer"  the uncertainties, the unknown. i felt alone and lost. Since my diagnosis I have partnered with singer,-songwriter Debra Lynn Alt and many other women.  Together we have cared a path of purpose to help lighten this challenging road for others.  i learned new skills and have applied what I've learned to help others not only get through, but grow and add new meaning to our newly altered lives, otherwise referred to as "just not the same"