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L.A.N.D. / Living A New Day - A New Norm  

with  Cindy Sheridan Murphy 

with  Cindy Sheridan Murphy 


You are not alone

What is L.A.N.D. - Living A New Day - A New Norm?

 L.A.N.D. is 8 week survivorship program is a guided program which offers you a step-by-step process, paired with knowledge and skills to create positive outcomes for living a sustainable future of joy,  and freedom.

Who is the Program For?



  • Understand you are destined to be more than just a cancer survivor.

  • Understanding the vulnerability of cancer and excepting support and services.

  • Move beyond a disease that is no longer yours.

  • Overcome your fears so you get into action.

  • Create personalized tools to help you feel less fatigued and more empowered.

  • Move past blocks with ease while reducing stress.

  • Create freedom from your disease to create the future with a clear mind.

  • Create permanent confidence, courage, and resilience.

You will Receive:

  • 8 sessions of 90 minutes each. During these sessions we will go through your progress and discuss it in more detail. You will be able to ask questions and work past any bumps in the road with support.

  • The EMWA – A Guide to Living a New Day, A New Norm  AND Action sheet journal for learning, application, and lifelong reference as a powerful “toolkit”.

  • 10 Step guide to nourish yourself.

  • Entry into private Facebook group for additional support from your peers

  • Newsletters with upcoming events for support

  • BONUS:  Each Moment We’re Alive – Musical and Photographic Story Inspired by Cancer Survivors with CD by Debra Lynn Alt. Photographs by Monica Schwartz Baer

  • Laughter is the Breast Medicine by Eileen A. Kaplan

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