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Each Moment We’re Alive Butterfly ship project is a wellness and empowerment tool designed to create happy and positive emotions.  

The program provides women cancer survivors and their families/children with a series of specifically designed processes and tools, including a journaling workbook that builds self-esteem and distraction from fear and negative thoughts.

Each Moment We’re Alive Butterfly ship The program is designed to be used by a variety of populations. It is:

  • For women undergoing treatment for cancer and for cancer survivors

  • For women in transition seeking a new direction and purpose in life.

  • For children to ease the anxiety and fear around their parent with cancer.

Tools needed:
(not supplied in kit)
  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver (#2 Phillips or square drive)
  • Glue stick

The program provides women with the opportunity to experience the transforming power of their own imagination and creativity through building a butterfly ship.

The ship consists of precut wooden pieces that are sanded and ready for assembly.  No sharp tools or cutting are required. No woodworking experience is required.

The ship has seven butterfly sails. The butterfly is a symbol of beauty and transformation and will create positive emotions that will, like the wind, help carry your hopes and fears to a manageable state. 

  • Nourish Your Spirit

  • Nourish Your Mind

  • Nourish Your Body

  • Support Team / Friends

  • Value

  • Vision

  • Laughter


The program allows women to tailor these and add their own unique goals.

Who is the project for?

How the project works