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WEEK 5   


How to respond to the question of “WHY?” (Chapter 9)




“FEAR” false evidence appearing real

With do much fear surrounding a cancer diagnosis, is it any wonder we end up asking “WHY ME?”. It is based around our Fear. It can be the unknown that is difficult to accept. Fears can grip you and cause you to lose sleep, disrupt your daily life and get in the way of everyday tasks and simple decisions. There is really no concrete explanation of why you have cancer and the details of your disease are private and really are no one else’s business. 




Turn negative responses into positive ones. How can you prepare and surround yourself with positive people and turn negative responses into positive ones? Example:  When I was asked why I didn’t have a double mastectomy, I respond with “Would you believe I missed the two-for-one sale by just one day?” How do your respond to difficult question?




Life is good, even when it is not what you expect or hoped for. 

Life is good even when it is hard.

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