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Cindy Sheridan Murphy

Thanks to Survivor Journeys, a community-based support network

of professionals who provide cancer survivors, caregivers, and loved ones unique survivorship services in western Massachusetts and northern Connecticut, Each Moment We're Alive has been able to offer workshops, small group survivorship programs along with beauty makeovers to female cancer survivors at no cost.

BUT We need your help... Consider donating to this wonderful organization and help us keep our services available. CSM

Sponsor A Survior

Surpassing Survival Beauty 

day  was started by Sy Becker as the the brainchild of cancer survivor Cindy Sheridan-Murphy of West Springfield. Sponsoring a survivor will let us spoil a cancer survivor with a beauty makeover using optimal, cancer safe products. Each guest receives a take home beauty bag (valued at $200) with hair products, a customized foundation, a foundation brush, coupons and much more. A stylist and photographer complete their experience.

8 Week Surviorship Program

Living a New Day,A New Norm. Many cancer survivors are struggling with daily life activities since their cancer diagnosis? Their doctor visits and treatments are completed, but many struggle with "whats next?"


This 8 week hands on workshop is based on the premise that life after a cancer diagnosis is simply different but they can not only survive but thrive in the "new" norm. With step-by-step activities, paired with knowledge and skills, each participant will create positive changes for living a sustainable future of joy, choice and freedom.

Surpassng Survival with Beauty

A Day Of Beauty 

You Can Make A Difference! Please Join Us!