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 Post-Poned to Saturday March 27, 2021  Due to

 Covid 19 Restrictions

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The Butterfly Ship Adventure Workshop

EMWA Butterfly Ship Adventure is a 2 hour workshop where you will build your ship using a step by step guidebook and the necessary tools.


After completion, you will create your first goal to fit your personality. They will then be able  paint ship or varnish your ship at home. The butterflies included are used as sails and represent their goals and dreams. 


  • Each participant receives their own complete project kit

  • Original Workshop Cost $39

The program provides cancer survivors and their families/children with a series of specifically designed processes and tools, including a journaling workbook that builds self-esteem and distraction from fear and negative thoughts. This workshop is also geared for ANYone moving past a life alternating situatuations.

January 16, 2021

Register at

 STRICK Covid Rules Apply

Mask & Temperature checks mandatory

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