Mary L. Multiple Myoloma

I had so much fun just enjoying the company with all the wonderful women. The butterfly ship is fun to make and it allows to you to just enjoy the time and leave your worries at the door.

Sandra W. Breast Cancer

I need this for my wellbeing, at times I feel so all alone, this helps me connect with real honest and supportive women.

Kay L. & Son Tyler   Breast Cancer

A nice afternoon with wonderful people and my son.

Laura S.  Rectal Cancer

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop! I’m a newbie and Cindy’s warm and welcoming way instantly put me at ease. The project was fun and I was so proud of the beautiful wooden Butterfly Ship I made. What a wonderful takeaway to remind me of the day’s adventure and those to come! The accompanying workbook was excellent! I loved having thought-provoking questions and journaling space all in one book. The conversation between us survivors flowed easily as we helped one another construct our ships. I felt such joy in the camaraderie!

Courtney C.  Breast Cancer

I had so much fun just enjoying the company with all the wonderful women. The butterfly ship is fun to make and it allows to you to just enjoy the time and leave your worries at the door.

The Butterfly Ship Adventure Workshop


What is the Butterfly Ship Adventure Project 

The program provides women cancer survivors and their families/children with a series of specifically designed processes and tools, including a journaling workbook that builds self -esteen and distraction from fear and negative thoughts.

Who is the Project for? 

The program is designed to be used by a variety of populations. It is:

  • For women undergoing treatment for cancer and for cancer survivors.

  • For women in transition seeking a new direction and purpose in life.

  • For children to ease the anxiety and fear around their parent with cancer.

How the Project works

  • The project provides women with the opportunity to experience the transforming power of their own imagination and creativity through building a butterfly ship.

  • The ship consists of precut wooden pieces that are sanded and ready for assembly.  No sharp tools or cutting are required.  No woodworking experience is required.

  • The ship has seven butterfly sails. The butterfly is a symbol of beauty and transformation and will create positive emotions that will, like the wind, help carry your hopes and fears to a manageable state.

  1. Nourish Your Spirit

  2. Nourish Your Mind

  3. Nourish Your Body

  4. Support Team / Friends

  5. Value

  6. Vision

  7. Laughter


The program allows women to tailor these and add their own unique goals.

After completion, they will color a paper ship  and create their first goal to fit their personalities.  They will then be able to use as template to paint ship or varnish ship at home. The butterflies included are used as sails and represent their goals and dreams. 

Each Moment We’re Alive Butterfly Ship Adventure Project is provided by Each Moment We’re Alive, Inc. EMWA was founded in 2016 and is a non-profit organization empowering cancer survivors to living a new day, a new norm. Program materials provided by Dances with Wood, Inc. Providing programs that help to heal and restore the spirits of hospitalized children with cancer and other serious illnesses.   



Each Moment We're Alive Butterfly ship project kit

Project Materials in Kit

Program workbook  (38 pages)

 - Assembly instructions,  goal sheet with action plan. 

Set of seven precolored butterflies

Set of four butterflies to design / color ( photocopy available)

One set of Sails ( to photocopy to produce more sails)


butterfly_a (1).png

Butterfly Ship Adventure Project

Tools needed: hammer and screwdriver (#2 Phillips or square drive), glue stick. Not Supplied
Plus shipping and handling
What is the Butterfly Ship Adventure Project

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