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The Butterfly Ship Adventure was the workshop of 2020, Just like life "prior" to cancer  "That ship has SAILED" 

Covid 19 has prevented us from doing workshops in 2021.  

We look forward to the year of  2022 being the year of Self Love.



Each Moment We’re Alive Love box workshop is designed to create happy and positive emotions before, during and after a cancer diagnosis.

The workshop provides women cancer survivors and their families/children with a chance to paint, design and personalize their own love box to keep their cherished possessions in. The workshop builds self-esteem and distraction from fear and negative thoughts.


Each Moment We’re Alive Love Box is designed to be used by a variety of populations. It is:

  • For women undergoing treatment for cancer and for cancer survivors

  • For women in transition seeking a new direction and purpose in life.

  • For children to ease the anxiety and fear around their parent with cancer.

What to put in your love box?


- words and sounds to inspire your soul

-some bling for when you need a little pick-me-up.

-supplies to melt away the aches and pains of a bad day.

- cozy socks for when life get a little too cold.

-lipstick to frame that beautiful smile that continues to shine so bright.

Have you ever heard of a Love Box ?  The workshop provides women with the opportunity to experience the transforming power of their own imagination and creativity through decorating their own box and filling it with wonderful things that make them happy. 

The box consists of prefabricated wooden box that is ready for decorating.  No sharp tools or cutting are required. Paint and decorate the outside of the box for all to see, inside decorate with things that make you happy and do not be afraid to include your fears, anxieties and worries.  


The wooden dragonfly to go on the top is a symbol of beauty and transformation and will create positive emotions that will, like the wind, help carry your hopes and fears to a manageable state. 

  • Nourish Your Spirit

  • Nourish Your Mind

  • Nourish Your Body

  • Support Team / Friends

  • Value

  • Vision

  • Laughter


The program allows women to envision the future and nourish themselves.

Who is the project for?

How the project works