Butterfly Ship Adventure Project


You asked for it & we delivered! Kick off 2020 ...

Helping women to reclaim purpose, passion, and direction in their lives.


The butterfly ship adventure project provides women with the opportunity to experience the transforming power of their own imagination and creativity through building a buttterfly ship. 

EMWA Butterfly ship adventure project is a 4 hour workshop you will build your own 3-d visual board in the form of a ship using a step by step guidebook and the necessary tools.  After completion, you will paint your ship to fit your personalities.

The butterflies  included are used as sails and represent your goals and dreams. 

This workshop is a precurser to our  L.A.N.D. (living a new day) 8 week survivorship program where we will guide you in rebuilding your identity after cancer.

Suggested Donation to cover supplies $25  Any Amount Appreciated