It’s Five O’Clock somewhere.  Or so the song says. For many, 5:00 celebrates the end of the day.  The completion of work, of chores, of errands.  A time for a cocktail , for recreation,  and a time for relaxation.  For someone dealing with cancer, it can trigger overwhelming feelings of of loneliness, isolation and fear.

The transition of daytime to nighttime, of sunrise to sunset, of light to dark.   All of this can leave you feeling anxious, restless and  agitated. In my own experience, I discussed my feeling with a friend and explained my struggles and anxiety during this time of day.  What happened next, I didn’t realize at first, but my friends formed our own version of the 5:00 club.  Each night one of them would reach out between 4:30-5:30 pm.  I looked forward to receiving a text, a phone call and even visits.

Understanding your needs and being able to convey them to family and friends is important. It is an essential part of understanding the emotional side of vulnerability . We hear it all the time with those affected with “Sundowning Syndrome” found mostly in Alzheimer  patients.  Asking and excepting help along with nourishing your mind and body  are critical to thriving beyond cancer.


This past week MY 5:00 club met to celebrate.   Although we don’t talk daily or weekly, we have been friends since high school and always pick up like we haven’t missed a beat. Our kids are grown, one is retiring, and we all are healthy.  We celebrate each other and they have given me a new definition of a FIVE O’clock club. Thank you friends.

Who is/was your support team ?

With Gratitude,