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10 Steps to Nourish Yourself so you can Thrive

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Do you find yourself taking care of everyone else except YOURSELF? Read my "10 Steps to Nourish Yourself So You Can Thrive" eBook and  start implementing some actions steps today.

FREE Support Group 

Join me the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month for Breast Cancer Support group. These groups are free to attend & no need to RSVP.  Both are held at the Cancer House of Hope in West Springfield, MA .

Each Moment We're Alive -

A Guide

to Living A New Day, A New Norm

10 Steps to Nourish Yourself So You Can Thrive is designed to nourish not only your body with food but to nourish your entire being to start feeling like yourself again.


Life after a cancer diagnosis is simply different, but with simple tips you can integrate into your daily routine, you can not only survive but thrive in the “NEW” Norm.

Program & 

Workshop Links

If you have the support you need but want a little guidance, then this book if for you. Begin today with one simple step you can take immediately to get into action!  


8 Week Survivorship Program

Living a New Day, a New Norm, is a guided program which offers you a step-by-step process, paired with knowledge and skills to create positive outcomes for living a sustainable future of joy, choice, and freedom.



Our workshops are designed to ease the transition from being in treatment, to a life of remission and thriving, not just surviving. 



Words cannot express how much I have enjoyed and gained personally in attending and participating in each session. Sharing our stories and experiences has given me strength and hope for the future. It is reassuring knowing I am able to keep in contact with all of you! I am blessed to have been part of such a wonder group of survivors. Thank you for all you did to make this such a successful program. PH

The survival ship program has truly changed my life.  During the 8 weeks of creating an action plan for my future. I  gained an insurmountable confidence and self esteem… TS

The book, Each Moment We’re Alive – a guide very informative and motivating. I feel great and am calmer. My family even notices.  The personal touch was great Thank you for helping me out! MR

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