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10 Steps to Nourish Yourself so you can Thrive

Feeling depressed is a perfectly normal response after a cancer diagnosis. You are not alone. Sometimes the best medicine is talking to someone who's been there. 


Love Box TM

The workshop provides women cancer survivors and their families/children with a series of specifically designed processes and tools, to design and decorate their own love box. a tool for holding your dreams, momentos and "stuff" to help you through your journey. This workshop builds self -esteem and distraction from fear and negative thoughts.

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 Living A New Day - A New Norm TM

Two Options

10 Steps to Nourish Yourself So You Can Thrive written by Cindy Sheridan Murphy is designed to nourish not only your body with food but to nourish your entire being to start feeling like yourself again.


Life after a cancer diagnosis is simply different, but with simple tips you can integrate into your daily routine, you can not only survive but thrive in the “NEW” Norm.

Living a New Day, a New Norm, is a guided program which offers you a step-by-step process, paired with knowledge and skills to create positive outcomes for living a sustainable future of joy, choice, and freedom.

Surpassing Survival with Beauty TM


Let us pamper you with a day of beauty. Enjoy good conversations in a loving community, raffle prizes, food and  just forget about cancer for just a day


Additional Support Groups & Workshops 



The facilitators are all cancer survivors. They know what it's like to go through the rigors of treatment and  the after effects from those treatments from experience unlike groups I've attended. unless you have gone through cancer treatments.  What is really special about the support group is we have all become friends. When one of us is having a particular hard time physically and emotionally one of will either go sit with that person, maybe give them a hug or go into another room to talk privately and sometimes also to pray with or for that person that is going through a hard time. Now that's what I call unconditional support and caring for one another !  Nancy F.

 I thoroughly enjoyed the Butterfly ship adventure workshop! I’m a newbie and Cindy’s warm and welcoming way instantly put me at ease. The project was fun and I was so proud of the beautiful wooden Butterfly Ship I made. What a wonderful takeaway to remind me of the day’s adventure and those to come! The accompanying workbook was excellent! I loved having thought-provoking questions and journaling space all in one book... Laura