Meet Cindy Sheridan Murphy

YUP, That's me ... 5 years ago. 

I am a wife, A mom, A Sports Coach, A dental hygienist and A cancer support facilitator. Until I was diagnosed for the second time with breast cancer in 2014, I never envisioned my years of experience in coaching sports and coaching good dental health would lead me on this journey. God was trying to talk to me, slow me down to listen.


I believe this happened so I could become intimate with my creator. I always enjoy coaching. Now I have a topic close to my heart and true life experience. A person is not defined by what happens to them, they are defined by how they respond to what happens to them.


My motto is “Coaching from the inside out”. I am now speaking to groups, leading workshops, & a weekly support group teaching women and families to Thrive through cancer. Click HERE for my FREE 10 Step Guide To Nourish Yourself THROUGH Cancer. 

                                                        xox Cindy 

PS Cancer is something that happens to you - It does not define who you are!

 Our Mission is to empower women cancer survivors through workshops & programs that incorporate music, books, beauty and action plans to move beyond cancer with a welcoming community.



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