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Meet Monica & Debra 

Each Moment We're Alive originated in 2012 as a musical and photographic story Inspired by Cancer Survivors. The lyrics and text were written by Debra Lynn Alt. The photographs by Monica Baer. Together they collaborated combining Monica’s Photography and the lyrics Debra wrote that serves as a proud legacy and life-affirming contribution to cancer research and support.


Debra described Monica as a remarkable presence at the American Cancer Society, Relay for life and other survivor events. In memory of Monica Baer and others who have battled cancer, Each Moment We're Alive will empower women cancer survivors through workshops & programs that incorporate music, books, beauty and actions plans to move beyond cancer with a loving community 

                       xox Cindy 

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We are cancer survivors empowering women to move beyond their cancer and learning to love their life and their bodies again.Having cancer is tough, learning to live a new day beyond your diagnosis can be tougher, but having women to support you in this new norm, makes it POSSIBLE
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